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A Global Database of Power Plants

The Global Power Plant Database is a comprehensive, open source database of power plants around the world. It centralizes power plant data to make it easier to navigate, compare and draw insights for one’s own analysis. Each power plant is geolocated and entries contain information on plant capacity, generation, ownership, and fuel type. As of April 2018, the database includes around 25,500 power plants from 162 countries. It will be continuously updated as data becomes available.

The methodology for the dataset creation is given in the World Resources Institute publication, "A Global Database of Power Plants".

Associated code for the creation of the dataset can be found on GitHub.

The database can be visualized on Resource Watch together with hundreds of other datasets.

China power plant data is currently under review and not included in the first release of the Global Power Plant Database.

For the most comprehensive data about Chinese coal plants, please see the Global Coal Plant Tracker. For non-coal data, please sign up for our newsletter for the release announcement.

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